Anasofia T.
I was really interested in finding a go to bakery near my apartment. I found the Dulcería (a latinx owned business) and decided to give it a try. Let's just say I went back just a few days later! There cakes are all delicious, flaky, and creamy! My favorite is their banana cream. I also tired their challah bread (only available on Fridays) and it looked and tasted amazing. Pro tip: Use it to make some amazing French toasts.
Elianny S.
This place really lives up to its name, dulceria means sweetness in Spanish. I've walked by this place a few times but it was always after closing time. Today I got the chance to finally try it. It's a small place and due to the Covid restrictions only a couple of people are allowed to enter, I waited a bit on line and then a very friendly staff member came out to ask for my order in order to speed up the process. I ordered a few of the breads to try out, my favorite was the Brazilian pan de queso since it has a nice subtle cheese taste. I also ordered the dulce de leche with merengue, omg this dessert was amazing!! The merengue part just melts in your mouth and then you have the delicious sweetness of the dulce de leche. I was really impressed with the warm, attentive service and how cute this place is. I'm looking forward to trying out some of the other pastries, especially a passion fruit cake that I saw in the display case.
Nick Vasica
Walked past this bakery many times without thinking of stopping in. This afternoon my wife and I was coming home from Zabar’s and decided to stop in. Bought several of their delicious pastries and sampled a delicious goat cheese that I bought also. Very happy with all and the person behind the counter was very nice to boot.
Syed Ashrafulla
I had their raspberry mille feuille. It was unbelievably soft and fruity. The sweetness was just right so that you started the fruit and the layered dough. I also got a pao de queijo (cheese bread) which did exactly the right thing: the cheese was not in the middle but all around the dough somehow. Anyone biking up to Harlem should stop by while on Frederick Douglass. That's what I did and will do again.
Dan Schrotter
This was my first time visiting this remarkable little bakery/high end coffee bar. The owner is there to greet you and you really get the sense you're visiting his home. Inspired culinary team, really very good overall. Highly worth a visit.
Celina C. N.
I popped in nearly a year ago, whenever it was that they just opened, but I just ogled then. The space is beautiful. The glass cases are crystal clear, giving a nearly unfiltered view to the creamy colorful delectables inside. And there are always fresh baked goodies in glass containers sitting atop the counters. I bumped into a neighbor while there recently, who said he has been going there almost daily to buy fresh bread since the pandemic. Eventually, he said, he's pretty much been buying all of his groceries there since he learned they even sell olive oil! This last time I made a bit of a splurge since I couldn't choose. I think what I ordered were the Milhoja Chilenas. One banana cream, one Dulce de Leche, two chocolate mousse. All heavenly. I don't think I'll ever walk past there again without stopping in for a treat.
Rita M.
Love this place so much. I've been going here since it opened and so glad they stayed open through the pandemic. Their sweet treats are so delicious, especially anything with the dulce de leche. The lemon meringue pies are also to die for. Would absolutely recommend coming here if you're in the area!