Dulceria is a Bakery in New York, NY 10026

Dulceria is a bakery and coffee shop in New York, NY. Our mission is to create great, high-quality meals to satisfy the tastes of all our customers. We apply a high standard of quality to our products, ensuring that you only get the best. When you visit us, we will treat you like a family member because we want our customers to feel at home. We are the only Chilean pastry shop in New York City.

Our coffee shop produces fresh menu items daily, including:

We only use fresh and locally sourced ingredients; no chemicals or synthetic products are used in our pastries' confection. Our handmade pastries and treats are made in-house. We even make our preserve and dulce de leche in which we use for filling our pastries.

Aside from serving various treats and drinks in our bakery, we also offer catering services for your events or parties. We are committed to creating satisfying treats and drinks for you to enjoy. Come and visit us today at Dulceria for the best Chilean food and pastries.

What Makes Us Proud
  • Fresh Ingredients
  • Friendly Staff
  • Top-Quality Meals Offered
Locations Served
  • New York, NY